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What can I say?

The art was supreme, though I didn't catch much meaning in this one.

This is not funny.

I have smirked only once throughout entire thing, and I actually liked previous two. The animation was decent though.


Why do I love this so much?!

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Possibilities are endless! But I just light myself on fire and ride the lawn mower at night, pretending I'm a ghost rider.

I really feel like this game would win if it had an upgrade system or something along those lines.

I was actually frustrated when I started playing. This game calmed me down as I tried to remain my cool going through one obstacle at a time. Therapy or something I don't know.

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Buddha the Almighty!

Wish I could express with words how much I like your guitars and drums. Still Buddha knows how much I want there to be vocals.
Hope that would be an opening theme for a new season.

Burn7 responds:

Hah, I am totally adding vocals to some of my newer songs. I just have to experiment with mixing and effects and getting my mic to not suck first.

If they used my song as an opening for a new season I would crap my pants. Literally.

Thanks for the review!


I am literally in love with your voice... or voices... whatever. Just great. Please, keep it up!

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You should've punched that asshole baby.

Oh, yeah, such a dirty little eye.
You do know, that people like me come to check each and every one of your pictures regardless of thumbnail and filth that it might promise, right?

Sabtastic responds:

Haha hey, eyes can be seductive, too!! xD
...Maybe that's just me though. I guess my rationale is that it leaves a lot up to the imagination and eyes can be very emotive.

Also thank you! C//:> I'm so flattered!!
There've been a couple of people who say they look at everything I post regardless-- that means so much to me! Cheers, and thanks for the support!! ... I can see how it's not good for my 'survey' results, but it's not all that serious in the first place. :P


It's not like you leave us any.

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